How to Reduce Belly Fat Easy and Correctly

Many people might be wondering how they can dump the fat that is residing in their belly. So many methods were circulated on the internet. Most of them are bogus information supplied by individuals who want to make quick bucks.

Crude Oil Falls After OPEC Defers Decision to Cut Production

By Mark Shenk and Samantha Zee
Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil fell for a third day after the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries deferred a decision to reduce output until its next meeting on Dec. 17.

The Keys To Quitting

Studies have shown that there are certain steps or keys to quitting. Your chances of quitting increase if you follow these steps. Here they are:
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Health Tip: Taking Folic Acid

(HealthDay News) -- Folic acid is an important B vitamin for women -- especially for those who are pregnant or who are planning to become pregnant. It can help prevent serious birth defects of the baby's brain and spine.

Is Pornography Addictive?

Psychologists debate whether people can have an addiction to pornography.
By Martin F. Downs
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD, MD

In November 2004, a panel of experts testified before a Senate subcommittee that a product which millions of Americans consume is dangerously addictive. They were talking about pornography.

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